About Us

The Legend Of Reliant Dragons It all started a long time ago...

A group of brave adventurers looked upon the ignited sky, as the stars aligned and the sign of the Dragon was revealed.
Not knowing what it meant these adventurers followed the sign into the unknown, knowing that the dragon would guide them safely, as it felt strong and reliant.

The First adventurer was a Tall Skinny Templar Engineer who could think off and create all with perfection and superior detail. While holding his tools none could surpass his skill and eye for detail. As his hawk’s eye gazed upon the dragon that night he knew that it was time for his ultimate challenge! Create the impossible! A working organism that would stun and amaze the world, like none had done before. Saying goodbye to his past he took off into the future.

The Second adventurer was a Jolly Dwarf Lord, always carrying his axes and a high spirit, which would enlighten all to a good and jolly mood. As the Dragon stood high in the sky, this jolly fellow felt a new exciting tingling almost sparkly feeling inside. His jolliness went over 9000 as he grabbed his axes and bag of lucky diamonds and decided to share his jolliness with all who would answer the call of the dragon.

The Third adventurer was a Strong Shield Maiden, who could amaze all with her stunning designs upon her mighty shield. All would know and even fear the faction that sided with her and her magical shield. If she decides to wear your banner and name upon her shield, you knew you were well promoted and socially promoted all over the universe. While looking at the ignited sky, she decided that the dragon would be the ultimate banner for her mighty shield, a banner that stood for; power, reliance, respect and brotherhood. Without hesitation she raised her shield and left for her final adventure.

The Fourth adventurer was a Skinny Warrior with Shadow Corruption raging through his veins, where others were unable to make him settle under their banners and satisfy his thirst for battle, the strong and reliant dragon made him wonder if it was possible to work within a brotherhood of equals and control the shadow corruption within him. So he picked up his blades and shield to travel towards the dragon, towards his calm.

The Fifth and final adventurer was a Man who lived Under the Radar, in the shadows of our realm. He possessed the power of the word. Not seen by many, yet heard by all. As he spoke thunder stroke the sky and calm misty waters would raise their waves, to strike those spoken to. So that none would ever forget the words that he spoke. As the light of the ignited sky and the sign of the dragon shined upon him in the shadows, he knew that it was his time to step out of the darkness and not only be heard but also seen by those spoken to. And so his journey began.

After many miles and many days, these five brave adventurers finally met under the banner of the dragon. Here they were given the chance to start up a; Community, a Brotherhood, a Family under the banner of the powerful, Reliant Dragon! And use his power to unite those in need of; comfort, support, company and respect for all as one family.
With all their skills combined the 5 would become as 1.
The Reliant Dragons was born into this world and so the legend begins…

We are;
Luuk “ M”Tar-NuHal” de Bresser (Tall Skinny Templar Engineer)
Danny “Giselbart” van Beers (Jolly Dwarf Lord),
Joyce “MetalHarpey” van Ierland (Strong Shield Maiden),
Wesley “SlayerKane” Melissen (Skinny Warrior with Shadow Corruption),
Kay “CarmaKiDD” Boerema (The Man Under the Radar)
And we are a group of old friends, who wanted to set something permanent up together.
All combined we have lot of experience in all different things related to gaming and wanted to put our combined experience to use building up a community, but even with our experience we will always be open for feedback and idea’s because a community is strong together as one.
We hope to see you joining us and for any questions or info, browse the social media’s or feel free to ask us of the Reliant Dragons management team.