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Ranger once awake (56+)

Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:19 am

Rangers have high attack damage and have no problem grinding. But they do have low defense and if you are caught out you will most likely end up dead.

~End game gear~

Giath’s Helmet (helmet) – dropped from Giath.
Hebetate Tree Spirit’s Armor (chest) – dropped from Hebetate Tree Spirit.
Bheg’s Gloves (gloves) – dropped from Bheg.
Muskan’s Shoes (shoes) – dropped from Monastery Leader.


Blue Whale Molar Earring x2

AP +5, Maximum HP +100

Ring of Crescent Guardian x2

AP +5

Ogre Ring Necklace x1

AP +10

Basilisk’s Belt x1

AP +5, Weight Limit +80LT


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