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indepth lvl 56 + awakend zerker guide + tips

Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:20 am


The gear your aiming for now is of course the true end gear.
dim tree armor or red nose
tree belt or ancient weapon core
muskan shoes
bheg gloves
giath helmet
ogre ring or ancient guardian seal

the rest you should have by now XD (witch earing etc etc )
See :

My Choice/setup

i went for the 2/2 build with a little mix up XD (and yes i know its not that spectacular atm still a work inprogess)
+15 taritas armor
+15 taritas shoes
+15 grunil helmet
+15 grunil gloves
2x Pri Blue coral ring
2x fugetive kalk earing
PRI ancient weapon core
PRI ancient guardian seal
PRI ultimate yuria axe
+12 upgraded iron buster
+11 saiyer ornamental knot
giving me : 123/100/190 ( hidden stats from gear and crystals excluded )

and i hear you thinking... wtf in you last guide you spoke of higher stats needed to even get 56 ... what's your deal bro ???

well verry simpel in my last guide was still learning and to be honest those ap stats i borrowed from some korean superman who said those where the perfect stats to be in those places.. so thnx again korean superman but i perfected it so i need to tryhard a little more with less hp pots for the same result :P

For solo grinding with these stats im mostly beeing a dick at Elrics if its not to busy there XD

with these stats im also able to play auround in valencia.
Bashims are to easy only cost 2 pots an hour
Cadry has lots of tanky mobs with CC on a bad run it taks 15 pots an hour..
Basillisks also quit easy to handel with these stats takes around 5 to 7 pots an hour.
Centaurs in my opinion. just dont do it.. its possible but takes to long and to many pots on a bad run it takes 10 pots per kill.. so not worth
Gahaz (bandits) OMG thes wankers are waaaaayyy to easy.. on a good spot there are not that many tanky ones and no violents (damn those violents)
fast clear fast spawn aaaandddd 1 pot an hour if your unlucky Xd

Skill Rotation :

Lavapiercer- groundlift - 2 auto attack - devastation- s + lmb - slugfest - Repeat...

Small trick .. you can cancel/quick use the lavapiercer to groundlift by pressing space during the charge.. doing this will instanly start groundlift without animation so you will instantly have your ironbuster ready for the 2 auto attack buff.

the skill build i use is the same one from my once awake topic


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