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Its time to say goodbye!!!

Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:01 pm

Hey boys and girls.

As the title says its time to say goodbye!
Why so? well basicly i started playing ARK a long time ago and it started as a primitive game where its all about the bow and the arrow!
But as i work at nitrado i figured out the way the developers of ark look to the future!
TEK is what its going to be!
All what i did not want to see is TEK!!
But now you have a freaking t-rex that can blast lasers!
And there is even an official cave for tek where you got forced to recive all the tek im done!
My game is gone and ill be looking forward to find another game!
I tried some BDO but thats not what i love!
I am looking for an mmorpg in a 3d style with a non p2w system in it!
pay to progress faster is fine but not more!
The style of the game is not really what matters me!

So yeah im sorry guys but i am sure Sabatand and as i have seen some others still love to play ark and i hope they will go through to make ARK GROW!
Ill hope you understand me that i decided to quit after 3000+ hours!

So enjoy your gameplay and hope to speak with you on discord!
When having any questions well pm me on discord or poke me here on the forums :)

Kind regards,


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