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Fer-de-lance loadout

Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:12 pm


The Fer-de-Lance AKA the rich man's Vulture. :roll:

It's slightly less maneuverable as the Vulture and it drifts a bit in a high-speed turn, but then it's also almost twice as fast as the Vulture.
When I bought this ship I went for a mostly beam configuration and while the power distributor was oke with that, the heat was unmanageable.
We went to a combat zone to test it out and after like 10 min of combat, systems all over the ship started to malfunction because they were all getting fried because of the constant overheating. :cry:
First, the weapons started the malfunction constantly, but after a while thrusters and another quite crucial systems started to malfunction.
(if halfway through a high-speed turn you thrusters stop working it gets scarry) :shock:
Most systems were already on 30% live :oops: (still had 100% hull :P ) so at that point it was time to get back to base and change a few things :roll: .
So my current setup...
Now, this is not the only feasible setup you can put on the Fer-de-lance it's a lot more versatile than for instance the Vulture in terms of weapon loadout.
You don't have the content with limited power like the Vulture.
The only thing is that you overheat really easy.

In this setup, i kept my class 4 beam-laser because it's awesome and I just love beamlasers. 8-)
And in the 4 medium hardpoints, I first tried 4 gimballed multi-cannons which also works and are a lot easier to use than cannons.
But Multi-cannons are more a damage over time kinda weapon and I wanted stopping power.
Like I said they are a bit harder to use but that will only force me to get better in flying and keeping the right position. :roll:

As to the Hull, why I only have military grade composite..... I don't have the money to buy anything better :o :oops:
:? Image

And then we have the shields.
I did some testing and I first had a 5A normal shield equipped boosted by 4 shield boosters for a total shield strength of 845. :ugeek:
Verry nice I know. But wait....... :?: :!:
This shield just did not recharge.. it took ages.
To be exact with 4 pips to shield it takes 8,36 minutes from a completely drained shield to full shields.
So changed the 5A for a 5C Bi-Weave, still with the 4 shield boosters.
Now this has a shield strength of 683 which still isn't bad but now it only takes 3.30 minutes from a completely drained shield to full shields.
And with the speed of the Fer-de-lance in mind when you're shields are gone you just get out as fast as you can recharge the shields and get back in.
And in case of emergency, you still have you shield cell bank.

So the Fer-de-lance, I think we can all agree the best fighter in the game, but also the most expensive one :?

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