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What is your favorite map?

Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:10 pm

Like the title says, what is your favorite map?
And why? :P

My favorites are:
  • Braxis Holdout
    Because of the Zerg rushes (I love zerg :P ) and it requires a smart strategy, or bold teamplay.
  • Haunted Mines
    Back when there weren't alot of maps, this was my all time favorite. The objective is your main concern in this map. It requires teamplay or a very sneaky tactic when your team rather goes for mercs (this is smart though). Usually I'm the sneaky person getting all the small skulls :P
  • Blackheart's Bay
    The objective in this map is very interesting. Alot of people don't do the small camps, just sometimes the merc camps. Even when I'm playing support on this map, you'll find me doing the small camps. Doubloons are very important. In this map I like to go solo (so botlane) and get the objective when I can, or fight over it with my team.

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Re: What is your favorite map?

Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:14 am

as long as i have premades i dont really care XD

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