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Post your character!

Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:05 pm

Im curious to see what classes you all play and how far you've gotten with them!
On this topic you can post images of your characters <3

My characters

My absolute favorite class is (and probably will stay that way too), witch!
She was the first one I managed to awaken, and the one I play the most <3
Right now I use her to mess around in Valencia. She was also my first lv57!

Second awakening is my ranger! Idk what to do with her yet!
I've recently changed her appearance to princess Zelda ^^ can you tell?

Third awakened class of mine is valkyrie!
I really enjoy playing her, but because she's a tank it's sometimes hard to solo things. It just takes sooo loooong .-. At least the awakening looks pretty cool!

Another class I really enjoy is dark knight! I tried to make her look like Fiora from LoL :P
When the awakening came out, I decided to get that too :)

My kuno has been parked at lv55 for a loooong time, but I finally managed to awaken her and I totally love her now!
After all I'm just a scrub that's used to heals and/or block skills :roll: I tried to make her look like Sakura, from Naruto.
Needs a new image though :P

Next up, my sorceress! I like the class and I haven't played it lots, but I managed to awaken it pretty fast.
I tried to make her look like Morgana from LoL.

Then, my tamer. Even though I absolutely love summoning classes (*cough* awakened witch *cough*), there's not many in BDO.
The tamer is one of my first characters that I really loved, but find relatively hard to play. She's very skill reliant, but this one I also awakened!
Mikku is based off someone I know in real life, to show my support for people in transition.
Of course, since I only play female classes (so far anyways), maehwa can't be left out. Again, a squichy class with no healing or block skills.
Totally not my thing, so I parked her at lv50 for a long time. Slayer helped me out and now she's awakened too! She's my farmer, can you tell? :P
I'm also using her for cooking though... And I tried to make her look like Nova from Starcraft II :lol:

And at last, my second witch. ERM I mean WIZARD.
I awakened him just for the sake of it, I'm not entirely sure if I like it yet. He's going to be my bosshunter :)

I also decided to make a berserker! Yes I know, no boobs. Boo!
But hey, he looks like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones so that makes it all up for me!

Finally, I also decided to get myself a warrior! So far that is going pretty well. Hopefully he will be awakened soon as well.
I tried to make him look like Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings <3

Of course I went along on the hype train (or WAS I the hype train in the first place?), and made a striker!
I made him look like a demon, to honor the name of our guild. Right now he's lv56 and waiting for the awakening to show up ^^

Soon to be made



musa :P
Since I quit Reliant, you can now find me here and my guides here .
These are also used for my streaming purposes (and of others as well)!


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Re: Post your character!

Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:42 pm

My characters are :

Dark knight












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