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Orianna BALLZ! eh wut? support

Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:50 pm


Match History

For some reason the match history is kinda broken x'D
Its not showing the skill thingy and build order, so I put it together as much as I could

As for the build, its pretty much what I always do:

Start with: 3 cookies, yellow trinket + Spelltief's Edge
First back: boots, Frostfang (spellthiefs upgrade) + Forbidden Idol (first part of redemption)
After that its completing in this order:
1. Boots of Swiftness
2. Frost Queen's Claim
3. Redemption
4. Athene's Unholy Grail
5. Abyssal (if you need it for the MR, but its still a good item because it lowers enemy team MR)
6. Deathcap, Zhonyas OR Luden's Echo. This depends on both the enemy team and yours.

If you decide to make an Eye of the Watchers instead of Frost Queen's Claim, make sure you upgrade your trinket on lv9 to the movable sweeper.

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