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~DeathKnight~ PVE (pre awekening)

Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:37 pm

~First Timers~

if this is your first bdo character i advice to get the following items asap. ( non end game collection)
Grunil set
2x bares earing
2x bares ring
bares amulet
yuria kriegmesser
oros knot

~ The Guide ~

Gear to aim for ( end game gear)

Weapon : Kzarka or Liverto
secondary : Oros or Kutum
Armor : Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor or Red Nose
Gloves : Bheg’s
Shoes : Muskan’s
Helmet : Giath’s
Rings : 2x Blue Coral Rings
Earings : 2x Blue Coral Earrings or Witches earing/mark of shadow
Neckless : Ogre Ring
Belt : Tree spirit belt / Bassilisk belt

Magic Crystals

+5 Attack Speed AND Critical Hit

PvE Max Atk Spd / Crit and more

•20% Combat Experience

•40LT Carry weight

•+4 Movement speed

•HP on attack

(Note: Just because it says PvE does not mean that it’s affordable or recommended for new players. This build was built for the best PvE stats possible.

~ Skill add ons~

Air Strike, Wheel of Fortune, and Unveiled Dagger are definitely our most used skills that have serious potential for upgrading.


~Skill Build~


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