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terminology of world of warships

Fri Oct 07, 2016 2:54 pm

Ship Classes & Ship Terminology

BB: Battleship

CL: Cruiser (Light)

CA: Cruiser (Heavy)

CV: Carrier Vessel

TB: Torpedo Bomber (Carrier Vessels)

DB: Dive Bomber (Carrier Vessels)

Fighter: Fighter plane used to attack other aircraft (Carrier Vessels)

DD: Destroyer

Bow: Forward part of the ship’s hull when facing forward, the front of the ship.

Stern: Rear part of the ship’s hull when facing forward, the back of the ship.

Starboard: Right side of the ship when facing forward.

Port: Left side of the ship when facing forward.

Amidships: Midway between the bow and stern of a ship.

Barbette: Protective circular armor mount for a cannon on a warship (think turret ring).

Citadel: Highly protected area of the ship, usually amidships under main tower/turrets, housing vital modules where if penetrated you will do massive amounts of damage.

Gunnage: Number of guns a warship carriers.

Waterline: The point where the surface of the water meets the hull.

Rudder: Used to steer the ship at the stern of the ship.

Torps: Torpedoes.

AA: Anti-Aircraft.

Main Armament: Primary large caliber guns on the warship controlled by the player.

Secondary Armament: smaller caliber guns on the warship controlled by the AI.

Other World of Warships Terminology

AP: Armor-piercing round.

HE: High-explosive round.

Caliber: Internal diameter of a ship’s gun barrel.

Effective Armor: The value a shell will need to penetrate after the armor’s thickness, vertical angle, and horizontal angle are factored in.

Camper: In a match a player who is sailing far behind where the fighting is taking place and is not contributing to the fight. Often times this term is used incorrectly by disgruntled players who berate players still alive in a match after they are destroyed.

07: To salute another player. Often used to say “hi” to someone you know and/or respect in World of Warships.

Flank: To attack an enemy from their side or rear by moving through an alternative route instead of engaging them from the front.

Lemming: When a player follows the majority of the other players on a team to form a large group leaving other areas of the map unoccupied.

Lemming Train / Lemming Rush: When the vast majority of a team is in one location on the map and will stay as a large group to push quickly across the map.

Cap / Capping: Short for capturing the enemy base.

Def / Defending: Short for defending your base.

Flex: To re-position to another area of the map that either needs assistance or will provide you an opportunity to exploit an enemies weakness.

Suicide Scout / Suiscout: Quickly rushing across the map at the start of a match to attempt to spot the enemy team with no chance of surviving.

Carrying: When either a single player or a small group greatly outperforms what their warships) should be expected to do and cause their team to win

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