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Commander Skills explained

Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:21 pm

World of Warships Commander Skills

Tier I

1) Expert Loader – – 50% to reload time when the shell type is switched. Guns must be fully loaded for this to take effect.
This skill will be useless to most players. Some long range cruisers and destroyers captains will find use for it, but it goes with a very specific play style.

2) Basic Firing Training – -10% to reload time of primary guns with a caliber of up to 139 mm. -10% to reload time of secondary guns of any caliber. +10% to AA efficiency (accuracy).
Nice DPS boost for the gunboats DDs, very good for AA oriented Cruisers, must-have for secondaries-oriented Heavy Cruisers/Battleships.

3) Basics of Survivability – -15% to passive repair time, firefighting, and recovery from flooding.
This one is mostly for BBs to help them not burn to a crisp. It helps a lot for cruisers as well and makes them much more forgiving regarding the misuse of the Damage Control Party Consumable.
4) Expert Rear Gunner – +10% to efficiency (accuracy) of self-defense armament for aircraft with rear gunners (TBs and DBs).

Tier II

1) Expert Marksman – +2.5 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber of up to 139 mm. +0.7 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139 mm.
Brilliant skill for all slow turning turrets, even with the recent nerf. It looks small but it adds up. On BBs, it shaves between 7 and 10 seconds of turret rotation time. Count 7 seconds in your head. Yeah, that’s the amount of time you couldn’t shoot at the enemy because your guns were not there. Pretty irrelevant on DDs that have fast turret turn though.

2) Torpedo Armament Expertise – -10% to reloading time of torpedo tubes. -20% to servicing time of torpedo bombers. Check the torpedo reload time, or the “Time required to prepare for takeoff” for TBs, before getting this skill.

Must have for CVs, must have for Torpedos DDs. Anyone else can skip it.

3) Fire Prevention – -7% to the risk of fire.
It is pretty underwhelming but nevertheless a viable option if you have points left on a ship that you feel gets put on fire a lot

4) Incoming Fire Alert – An indicator is displayed when shells are fired at your ship that have a travel time greater than six seconds. Think of this as a “turn now!” warning.
This will help you improve your dodging skills by warning you of incoming fire, preferably on cruisers or long range DDs. Not a must pick but a bit of help to your survivabliity.

5) Last Stand – The ship remains able to partially move and maneuver while the engine or steering gears are incapacitated.
This is an excellent perk for ships that tend to take often crippling shots, DDs and CLs. It allows you to keep a bit of maoeuverability if your Damage Control Party Consumable is on cooldown. Far less useful on BBs or CAs, even CVs.

Tier III

1) Torpedo Acceleration – +5 knots to torpedo speed. -20% to torpedo range. Unfortunately this is always active rather than something that can be toggled (like spread width).

2) High Alert – -10% to reload time of the Damage Control Party consumable.
Pretty good all-round skill to have for any ship. Not much else to say, it boosts by quite a lot your survivability.

3) Vigilance – +25% to the detection range of torpedoes. This does not refer to your ship’s detection range, but rather the detection range assigned to each torpedo type.
Being able to see torpedoes coming from further away. To be used if you’re sick of getting torpedoed by stealth DDs all day long. Not a must-have though, this is still a 3 points skill.

4) Dogfighting Expert – +10% to combat performance of fighters for each tier of difference between them. No benefit if the player’s fighters are of equal or higher tier.
Another skill aimed at CVs captains that is very underwhelming. The boost is not only weak, but also very situational.

5) Superintendent – +1 additional charge to all consumables mounted on a ship.
One more smoke screen, fighter launch, etc. Useful if you’re pro at staying alive for quite some time. Helpful on BBs with one more healing kit, or with AA specs Cruisers, or gunboats DDs. It loses a bit in helpfulness if you use premium consumables.

Tier IV

1) Demolition Expert – +3% to chance of fire on target caused by a shell or bomb.
Even if the percentage looks lower than Fire Prevention, the math behind it makes this skill pretty good on gunboat DDs and on Cruisers.

2) Advanced Firing Training – +20% to firing range of primary guns with caliber of up to 139 mm. +20% to firing range of secondary guns of any caliber. +20% to AA defense firing range.
Good to Excellent on almost any ship, besides CVs. Can’t go wrong with that one.

3) Survivability Expert – +400 HP per ship tier. So for example: +2000 HP for a tier V ship.
4) Aircraft Servicing Expert – +5% to survivability of carrier-based aircraft. -10% to servicing time of carrier-based aircraft.
Must have for CVs, and that is it.

5) Manual Fire Control for AA Armament – +100% efficiency (accuracy) to AA guns exceeding 85 mm against a designated target. This doesn’t mean manual aim. It improves the accuracy of AA guns larger than 85 mm, but requires the player to manually select a target by holding down Cntrl and left-clicking on it. With this skill, AA larger than 85 mm will not fire at all without manual target selection. AA of 85 mm or less will operate normally, and without this accuracy bonus. In practice this means the player controls the dual-purpose guns.

For AA specs only, and a must have. Cruisers will most benefit from it, although US BBs can use it if they go brawling.

1) Last Chance – -30% to reload time of all types of armament if the ship’s HP is less than 10%.
This seems very situational, too much so to be a valid 5 points skill.

2) Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament – *-15% to the maximum dispersion of secondary armament for ships of tier I-VI. -60% to the maximum dispersion of secondary armament for ships of tier VII-X. This doesn’t mean manual aim. It improves the accuracy of the secondary battery, but requires the player to manually select a target by holding down Ctrl and left-clicking on it. With this skill, the secondaries will not fire at all without manual target selection.
This is a new perk that made a lot of people excited. The results from the Test Server showed that BBs and some CA with secondaries specs are a valid choice. Use it only if you aim to brawl hard.

3) Preventative Maintenance – -50% to the risk of incapacitation of modules.

4) Concealment Expert – -10% to detectability of destroyers. -12% to detectability of cruisers. -14% to detectability of battleships. -16% to detectability of aircraft carriers.
This is a must have on several ships which you want to use the stealth fire ability. A very good all-round perk for DDs overall, CLs.

5) Air Supremacy – +1 fighter +1 bomber Increases the number of aircraft in each fighter and dive bomber squadron by 1. Does not affect TB squadrons. The number of reserve aircraft is not increased.
Must have for CVs..

6) Jack of All Trades – -15% to reload time of all consumables.

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Possible new Commander Skills

Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:34 am

lookie lookie what i found 8-)

Well all our favorite skills are still there.
iff this is the plan you shut be able to make some nice builds. 8-)

i've got the youtube video here

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