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Zen Koi

Ever get tired of hack n slash, shooters, mmos and everything else?
Just wanna play a relaxed game on your phone every now and then?


Welcome to Zen Koi!
The game where you are a fishy, eating prey to grow, mating with other fishies to collect colors and patterns, and the cooles thing of it all is that you can gift and receive fishies from your friends!

Do you play Zen Koi? Maybe we can be friends :)
I can gift you some! ^^

I'm also working on a more scientific approach to this game. Alot of people on the facebook groups (especially made for this game) have been asking if rarity influences colors and patterns of mates, and how.
Here's my Zen Koi Breedsheet, with my personal findings. If you have any data to add, you can comment on the sheet, or you can send me a message :)

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