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ARK Team what do we want what do we do!

Hey guys.

As many of you know me and the tribe of me joined the community!
So now you know this ill want to ask and say something!

So basicly this is about our tribe and our vision

So who we are: We are some dutch freinds on a server full off dutch people some are not english so keep reading ;)

So i started the tribe on my own and after a day i saw mark he was looking for a tribe to join and with my total of 3000 ark experience i welcomed him!
The same day jarno joined and we bade a own discord! Some other tribes like sabatand joined it and we had some fun UNTIL someone wanted to play something else!
Then they left and it splitted up until it was ark time again!
So i made the choice since i live under 1 roof with danny to join here!
so thats who we are why we joinded now our vision!

So basicly everbody is welcome to join our tribe! The main aspect is loads of fun!
Once in a while you have to do some boring stuff but hey we all have to!
But one of the main rules beside to have fune is this words: Whatever the hell you want Ofcorse there are some main ark things to keep in mind but beside that do whatever the hell you want!

This means that if there is no need to farm or whatever then its up to yoiu what you wanna do!
in my 3000 hours this is something all the tribes missed and had 1000 hours of tribe slave hours farming for tribes alone!
This chance in our tribe we do things together even in cooperation with other tribes!

So do you think you can controll the raptors like Omar Sy does whit his Velociraptor Pack.
Or do you have the fantasy to build a wonderfull base!
Or do you like to farm then your welcome to join us juslt let us know and me and the tribe will take care we teach you how to fight the rex and survive the hard world of ark!

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