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Useful websites

I thought i'd share a few useful sites.

let's start with my personal favorite

Here you can find anything from where to find equipment, ships, rare goods etc.
They also have a part that is specifically dedicated to engineers.
Everything you what to know about engineers you can find here.
Here you can spec your ships before you buy it.
You can see what specific setups do for your jump range or for instance your damage output or you long it takes for your power distributor to get drained.
Another very helpful feature is that you can see what engineered parts do.
Well, the name says it all, everything that has to do with trading you can find here.
Find good trading routes, where is the best place to sell or buy specific commodities, this is the place.
Another good site for trading is:
This one is for mining.
I haven't done much mining myself, but this one will tell you were best to mine, what the security is like etc.

These are just a few and of course, there are a lot more.

Any good suggestions let me know.

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Re: Useful websites

How's ED's Reddit page? Any useful info on there?

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