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brevity code what we use to give calls ingame

So as before we talked in
(Tips and tricks for new and old players!!!)
I did put a link in it for the brevity code now they told me that one was a bit confusing so i made this post!

I will drop down a link with all the words in it and the explaination!
Ass well ill drop the words we must use to win a fight!
Again must is a big word but at least the most of us will use it!
All the squads have there leaders they will use it so it would be nice if you know where they are talking about.

ACTION = Initiate a briefed attack, sequence or maneuver.
ALFA CHECK = Request for/confirmation of bearing and range from requesting aircraft to described point
BIRD AFFIRM = unit is able and prepared to engage
BIRD AWAY = unit has fired on the target and stops his engage
BIRD NEGAT = unit is unable to engagespecified target
BLIND no visual contact with friendly aircraft
BOGEY = A radar or visual contact whose identity is unknown
BOGEY DOPE = request for target information

There are many more calls on the link below if you find one that could be usefull let me know so we can put it in but for now this is the basic! ... lcvZ9bS6Fs

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